Elected and appointed officials


  North Pekin government is a board of six Trustees, Village President and Village Clerk. The President presides over all meetings, and is the face of our Community.  Each Trustee serves as the head of one of our committees, which include: Water/sewer, Streets, Public Safety,  Public Property/Parks, Health and Flood, Records and Finance.   

  Committee meetings are held the first Monday of each month at 6PM. at the North Pekin Village Hall. Board meetings are held the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7PM at the North Pekin Village Hall. Public is welcome to attend any of these meetings.



Steve Flowers

Village President

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Debby Landrith, Village Clerk

appointed officials


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William M Anderson IV                     Village Attorney
 Shane Larson                         Village Engineer
Alex Lambie Village Treasurer

village trustees

Gloria Arrington


Russ Blumenstock


Kathe Curless


Judy johnson


frank shanklin


Gene wamsley





Lori McFeeters

Officer Manager




The Office is in charge of the records and finances of the Village. From taking water and sewer payments to maintaining the public records of the Village, this department makes sure that everything function smoothly.


Front office

Bridgette Martin



Frank Hardy
Russ Pierce
Bill Yeakel

public works

pat landrith , chief of public works

Public Works handles the heavy duty work of the Village from streets and roads, water and sewer, public property and parks to health and flood.

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